Judge Denies Motion for Dismissal in Murder Trial

LIHU`E, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — Citing a lack of cooperation receiving evidence a local attorney for the man accused in the slaying of his elderly landlord asked the Fifth Circuit Court Tuesday to dismiss the case. Deputy Defense Attorney Stephanie Char told the court that she needs forensics reports from the prosecution but hasn’t been able to get them. Prosecutors say the analysis hasn’t been completed yet and the report is expected by October 16. Chief Judge Randal Valenciano ordered the state to turn over all evidence but denied the request for dismissal. 62-year-old Peter Grewer was arrested for suspicion of murder in the second degree back in June after a welfare check discovered the body of his landlord 67-year-old Joellen Hartman, dead, in her home. Hartman had just recently evicted Grewer from the apartment she rented him. Witnesses say Grewer threatened Hartman on at least two occasions on the day of the eviction, once from his vehicle on the way to the proceeding, and again later from the steps of the courthouse. Brewer has been held since on a $1M bond.

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