Mayor to Tourists: Go Away We’re on Vacation

LIHU`E, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — The Mayor of Kaua`i has put all residents of the County on “lockdown”. In a breathtaking expansion of government power on the island, Mayor Kawakami signed an emergency rule that will make it illegal for people to be outside their residences between the hours of 9:00 PM and 5:00 AM. The order says “every individual within the County of Kaua`i must remain in their residence during these specified hours.” A second emergency dictate from the Mayor’s office makes exemptions to the forced curfew for people commuting to and from work, people working for an essential service provider whose shifts are within the curfew window, delivery services associated with food service establishments or stores that sell food and household supplies, and those seeking medical attention. Kawakami also hung out the “Not Welcome” sign to vistors stating that airline travel to and from the island of Kaua‘i will now be limited to “essential needs” only saying “Until further notice, visitors should not be traveling to our island for recreational purposes. Kaua‘i is on vacation!” The nighttime curfew to go into effect starting Friday, March 20.

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  1. Completely right, Thank you

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