Ige Protecting Hawaii from Fast Moving Beach Based Covid-19

HONOLULU, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — Who knew the beach could be such a source for becoming afflicted with the COVID-19 Coronavirus? David Ige, apparently. Attempting to keep up in the emergency order race with Kauai Mayor Derek Kawakami, who has six, Governor Ige signed his fifth supplementary proclamation. Ige’s new rules appear to have figured out that keeping moving while at the beach is the key to keeping the virus from finding and using you as a host. So activities are restricted to outdoor exercises like surfing, solo paddling and swimming as long as social distances are maintained. But stop moving and you’ll have to go home or face arrest and up to a year in jail for just sitting, standing, lying down, lounging, sunbathing or loitering on beaches and sandbars.

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  1. Baloney. What is going on…… Only Ohau has high numbers (and they aren’t high in comparison). There are 7 people in Hospital in the rest of the state. Why are we rolling every island together. As a state, Hawaii has the second LEAST number of cases in the US. As a state, Hawaii has the second LEAST number of deaths in the US. Its time or Governor and Mayors told us what the plan is…. What are our goals to moving forward, what are the alternatives to getting there…….. but nothing….. only crickets. These decrees seem to be coming from Mt Olympus….. We have flatten the curve (certainly on all islands except Ohau) so flat it is almost no existent. Our economy is in ruins and still more restrictions. WE NEED a NEW SET OF LEADERS

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