Kaua`i Helicopter Crash Pilot Lost License for Marijuana

LIHU`E, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — The pilot of the helicopter which crashed on Kaua`i killing himself and six passengers lost his license for two years due to a positive test for marijuana in 2010. The Federal Aviation Administration released details of pilot Paul Matero’s history as part of their investigation this week which revealed the incident. According to Associated Press reports Matero was banned for a year from requesting a new license, and after reapplying had to go through all of the same licensing requirements expected from a first-time applicant. After receiving his new license he was rehired in 2012 by Safari Tours which told the Garden Isle newspaper that this was the only failed drug test in the company’s history. Since being rehired Matero had flown an additional 5,000 hours without incident until the fatal crash.

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