Kaua`i Temporararily Adds Hunting Days for Covid-19 Response

LIHU`E, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — Beginning today daily hunting is temporarily allowed by permit across Kaua`i. The County says Kaua‘i hunters are invited to apply for special use permits to hunt goats, pigs, and deer on closed hunting days in State Forest Reserves, Natural Area Reserves, and Game Management Areas. Usually, most hunting areas on Kaua‘i are open only weekends, Friday through Monday. As of today, people who want to hunt on closed days can submit an online application at www.KauaiForestUsers.com. Call 808-274-3433 for help in filling out online applications and the overall process that is entirely digital. Permits will be processed several times a week. DOFAW will be collecting detailed hunter harvest data so it can evaluate what impact weekday hunting may have on animal populations and their impacts on native forests and rare species. All existing rules covering seasons, bag limits, or numbers of take and type of game mammals allowable remain the same. DOFAW lands on Kaua‘i span over a third of the island. Applicants must have a current hunters license and permits will be issued for a one-month period, with the opportunity to reapply for future months after submitting harvest data.

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