More Claims Added to Locker Room Video Lawsuit

LIHU`E, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — More claims have been added to a lawsuit filed by female employees against a Kauai resort they say allowed a male co-worker to record them in the employee locker room. The Associated Press is reporting today that attorneys for the employees have filed an amended complaint against Kauai Marriott Resort, claiming the hotel fostered a hostile work environment toward women. The employee at the heart of the dispute, Alan Ganir, has been charged with first-degree violation of privacy and is scheduled for trial in April. The victims claimed that during shift changes all but one bathroom stall had been locked, by Ganir, forcing the women to use the remaining open stall. When one woman took a picture of the stall to complain to management in September of this year she noticed paper behind the toilet in the photo. Investigating she discovered Ganir’s phone, on and recording.

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