Oahu Juvenile Arrested for Shooting Cat with an Arrow

WAHIAWA, OAHU (Ben Caxton) — A pet cat found with an arrow through its head has led to the arrest of a minor on second-degree animal cruelty charges on Oahu. According to a report in the online newspaper Hawaii News Now, Teri Fonoti of Wahiawa. discovered the gravely injured cat outside her home. She initially called 9-1-1 but the operator apparently misunderstood the call and directed her to contact the Hawaiian Humane Society, who then launched a full investigation and created a flyer warning other pet owners in the neighborhood. By late Friday afternoon, those efforts paid off when police announced they had made an arrest. Because the suspect is a minor police are not releasing any other details at this time.

2 Comments on "Oahu Juvenile Arrested for Shooting Cat with an Arrow"

  1. I don’t care if it was a juvenile. The shooters picture should be posted all over the news and social media. It makes you wonder what kind of family they come from or how troubled they are that they have to be cruel to an animal which usually leads 2 them being violent abusive and cruel to humans. I hope this person gets more than a slap on the hand!

  2. I hope they take this killing seriously. It’s a vicious, despicable thing to do. Hawaii is too easy on juvenile offenders – look at the awful situation with the mass killing and mutilation of the Laysan Albatrosses there. An entire, sheltered, protected community of threatened birds were wiped out by drunken teens taken there in good faith for a school excursion. They returned under the cover of darkness to do horrible things to these beautiful animals not realizing they were caught on tape. They all got a slap on the wrist. No more!

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