Opponents Launch Ukulele Attacks at Spaceport Meeting

HILO, THE BIG ISLAND (Ben Caxton) — Opponents of a small spaceport on the Big Island used an information meeting to launch attacks against the project with ukeleles. The open house was being held as part of the proposed project’s environmental assessment process. It is unclear how tunes from the instruments might interfere with either planning for the project or launch of the rockets. When not playing the ukeleles other attendees took the opportunity to ask questions about concerns over safety and noise and air pollution. Several proposals for launch sites on the islands have been shot down over noise and environmental concerns in the past. Alaska Aerospace Corporation says its proposal would involve only several small concrete pads, no permanent infrastructure, and rockets just 20 to 40 feet tall to launch mini-satellites of 200 pounds or less to orbit. They say while people would definitely hear the launches, the noise level would be comparable to passenger jets taking off from the Hilo airport.

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