Shark Takes a Bite out Of Teen’s Surfboard

MAKAHA BEACH, OAHU (Ben Caxton) — An Oahu teen escaped unharmed after a shark took a bite out of his surfboard off Makaha Beach on Oahu Sunday evening. CNN reports that 16-year-old Max Keliikipi stopped at the beach on the way home from work to catch a few waves. As he paddled out into the ocean he said he saw something sticking out of the water, but “blending in with the reef.” What he saw turned out to be a seven- to ten-foot foot shark. He quickly pulled his feet back onto the board and started for shore, but the shark attacked anyway, biting a chunk off the surfboard and knocking Kellikipi into the water, was able to swim to shore and safety. Lifeguards say it was probably a tiger shark.

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