Take-a-number Today at Drivers License Offices

LIHU`E, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — The Kaua`i County Drivers License Division is piloting a take-a-number system starting today. They say the “new” idea will make acquiring licenses and permits for drivers of motor vehicles and customers seeking State of Hawai`i Identification Cards more efficient and comfortable. Kaua`i Mayor Derek Kawakami says the system is needed noting that recent reminders about the need to have a REAL ID compliant identification for federal use have made the lines at the Drivers License Division longer. Every person traveling domestically on a commercial airline will need to present a REAL ID compliant credential or another acceptable form of identification by October 1 of next year or they will be denied boarding and travel. The “star in a gold circle” on a Hawaii driver’s license or identification card indicates the credential is REAL ID compliant. If people want to continue using their driver’s license for Federal purposes, such as boarding a commercial aircraft after the deadline, it must have the “star in a gold circle.”

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