Vendors Wanted for Treatment and Healing Center

HANAMA`ULU, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — Kaua`i County officials are looking for vendors to provide services for the new Adolescent Treatment and Healing Center. Mayor Derek Kawakami this “an incredible opportunity” for vendors to apply their expertise to Kaua’i children, who he said will be able to “heal and be treated right here in our community.” Located on a 5.8-acre parcel donated by Grove Farm, the center will consist of an integrated treatment and healing center with the capacity to provide a comprehensive, collaborative, community-based, clinically-sound, and family-centered infrastructure for delivery of mental health and substance-abuse related supportive services to adolescents and their families. The center will include an eight-bedroom residential structure that may be expanded with additional open space for recreational and agricultural healing activities, and a building dedicated for community and/or professional treatment support services with an attached classroom/training module. The County of Kaua’i plans to contract the operations of the center to an experienced service provider while the Hawai’i State Department of Education will provide a part-time teacher. The state and the County of Kaua’i funded the project’s construction and site improvements. Work on the center is expected to be complete in April.

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