Wanted Kaua`i Man Arrested in California

LIHU`E, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — A 50-year-old California man wanted on Kaua’i for sexual assault was located and detained on Monday by the Central Marin Police Authority in San Anselmo, California. On August 15, 2019, a $100,000 grand jury bench warrant was issued for Jason Freskos after he was indicted for Sexual Assault in the First Degree in Kaua’i’s Fifth Circuit Court. The incident allegedly occurred while Freskos was visiting Kaua’i in early August. Kaua’i police notified the Central Marin Police Authority, requesting assistance in locating Freskos in his hometown. He was located and detained by San Anselmo police on Monday, where he currently awaits extradition back to Kaua’i.

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  1. This guy is pretty terrible. He hangs around our spiritual community and throws money around and thinks that makes him special. He’s often with very young women, and basically grooms people to like him (or worse) with his narcissistic charm and by throwing money around. He’s probably always with young women because those of us with any experience or sense are super creeped out by him. People have tried to talk to him about his behavior and he gets very aggressive and rude and scary. I kinda wish I didn’t have to look at him every time I went to go meditate but I guess finding compassion for him is part of my spiritual work. But it’s just so obvious that he’s hurting people.

  2. the guy is a real creep and a phony. His reputation supports that this is truly possible and I’m not surprised at all . Keep your teen daughters far away from him.

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