Firefighters Rescue 13 Hikers from Hanakapi`ai

HANAKAPI`AI, KAUA`I (Ben caxton) — Hanalei firefighters rescued 13 hikers who were stranded in Hanakapi`ai over the weekend. Kaua’i Fire Department personnel were notified Sunday afternoon of the hikers who were reportedly stranded in Hanakapi`ai for approximately two to three days, due to ongoing flooding conditions of the Hanakapi`ai Stream. No injuries or medical needs were reported. KFD personnel were unable to conduct air or sea evacuations on Sunday due to hazardous weather conditions. However, at approximately 1:45 PM, Hanalei firefighters began to hike to Hanakapi`ai Stream to deliver basic supplies such as food, water, and thermal blankets to the stranded individuals by way of a rope system. But when firefighters arrived on scene, they assessed the situation and found a safe path for the hikers to cross the stream. With their guidance, all 13 hikers were safely extricated from Hanakapi`ai and were assisted to Ke`e Beach by approximately 7:00 PM. No injuries were reported and all individuals were released at Ke`e.

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