Honolulu Mayor Wants Rubbish to Pay for Rail Users

HONOLULU, OAHU (Ben Caxton) — Honolulu’s Mayor has plans to make anyone who has trash to be picked up in the city help subsidize riders on the city’s troubled rail line. Kirk Caldwell has proposed a trio of new taxes to help pay for the over-budget and over-time project which is projected to cost over $10 billion before it is completed. Caldwell also plans on increasing property taxes on Oahu’s largest homes, and local hotels to help make up the deficit. If the Honolulu City Council agrees to the increases local taxpayers will begin helping pay for future riders on the rail line beginning July 1st. In addition to the billions spent on construction, the Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation estimates the 20-mile line will cost up to nearly $150 million per year to operate when it partially opens in 2020. That’s nearly $7.5 million in required new garbage and property taxes per year, per mile.

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