Kaua`i the Island Of Abandoned Cars

LIHU`E, KAUA`I (Ben Caxton) — Spending to tow-away abandoned vehicles on Kaua`i is on track to top half-a-million dollars this year. According to a report in the Garden Island newspaper, the Kauai Police Department ordered the towing of 653 vehicles over the 2019 fiscal year. And there is a backlog of more than 270 outstanding complaints of abandoned cars waiting for their turn. That figure of 923 abandoned vehicles is more than double the 403 vehicles towed in fiscal year 2017, and well above the 498 removed in 2018. The expenses caused do not count payroll and labor costs for county employees and police who have to deal with the eyesores. A new proposal to help pay for the mess passed out of committee would eliminate a $1 per year cap on the “beautification fee” charged to rental car companies. Currently, residents are charged up to $10 annually for the fee at the time they register their vehicles.

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